I received a chirpy, pick me up e-mail from Plastic Free July today to encourage those of us who are finding it hard to find the things we need without single use plastic. I thought I’d share it here…any thing we can do to cut down is a start…they include some helpful tips towards the bottom. Don’t forget you can purchase plastic free toilet roll and loose good from my loose goods store direct into your own containers, and I’m happy to deliver locally.

Well, week 1 of Plastic Free July is done and dusted - how did you go? Please remember that even if you didn’t manage to avoid all plastic (and honestly, we really didn’t expect you to - it’s called a ‘challenge’ for a reason!), you didn’t ‘fail’. New habits take time to form, and the fact that you’re participating and looking for solutions is the first step!

So if you’re feeling a little deflated, rest assured that on our first Plastic Free July we felt like that too. 10 years later and we still get caught out by sneaky plastic and unexpected waste!

So… please don’t worry about any mishaps in week one - let’s get thinking about week 2!


  • If you’re struggling to find a product without plastic, maybe you can switch to a bigger quantity that uses less plastic overall. One big yoghurt tub is less plastic than lots of small plastic tubs, and a big packet of crisps/potato chips uses less plastic than lots of mini packets.
  • Perhaps you’ve got the option to switch from a product packaged in plastic to a product packaged in glass. Look for glass jars of jam, mayonnaise, peanut butter, mustard and other condiments.
  • Check if your local bakery has paper bags as an option, or look for bread products that aren’t pre-packaged - we often find that rolls are sold loose, and can go in our reusable cloth bag, or a paper bag.
  • We love this short, 30-second video that our friends in Aotearoa put together to encourage participants to ditch the plastic wrap. Are you ready to give one of these a go?