This week, at a time of your own choosing you can walk in a meandering way to Lent walk destination 4. When you arrive you should find something in a jam jar to take home and perhaps prompt some thoughts as you journey through Lent.
Lent Walk 4
This weeks destination is St Mary the Virgin, Gillingham. The jam jars will be in the porch again and the porch is open between 10am and 4.30pm. Please only touch one jam jar and move the empty to the other end of the bench.
The route to St Mary’s might be from your home, or might be a circular route beginning at the church walking through woods or by rivers, through fields or even around the town. You can go wholly by road, or through fields and lanes, or part way on bike and foot, or most of the way by car and finish on foot - your choice! Take care if you walk on the road, and please stick to public or permissive footpaths if you go via the field and woods.
If you need a suggestion for a route let us know.
Attached are a couple of photos of what you might find