Walk Day 4 & 5 have been enjoyed, here are a few of the comments

‘Took my usual route from home to St Mary’s yesterday afternoon looking at the various shapes and patterns thrown up by the strong sunlight. Just outside the church porch I saw the following…(pictures below) enjoying seeing the slow emerging of Spring… (I gather seeing a ladybird is a sign of good luck and happiness!)



Did Lent Walk 4 today by circular route taking in St Mary’s.

What tales could this ancient Yew tell standing so long in the Churchyard.

Found lovely patch of Violets there beneath tree, we are enjoying these walks.

‘We walked round to the Vicarage today! Beautiful colours, and to see the artwork ‘live’ on the banner. I wondered if each piece of material (below) was perhaps given to each child creating it, to stick on. It also took on more meaning when we thought about each contribution, and the message within.The little cross made of sticks was poignant, and also lovely to find, all at the same time.’