This year the weekly Lent walk will be walked in ones or twos! However, you won’t be doing it alone because we may do it at different times and routes, but we will be sharing in the same destination and each find there something we hope will intrigue or delight you and aid you in your journey through lent.
Lent Walk 1
This weeks destination is St George’s, Langham, a beautiful thatched chapel in Langham Lane, Gillingham. In the porch there will be something waiting for you. You will find it inside a jam jar. Please only touch one jam jar and please take the contents and leave the jam jar behind for another use, placing it in the empty jam jar area.
The routes to Langham are many. You can go wholly by the pavement and road, through fields and lanes from a variety of directions. Take care of the traffic if you walk on the road, and please stick to public or permissive footpaths if you go via the fields following the country code.
If you need a suggestion for a route let us know.
Enjoy the journey as well as the destination. Stop, listen, pause, pay attention. If you’d like to share something from your walk; a thought, a picture, a route, send it to Eve and she will share it with those who would like to be involved.
If walking in larger groups is allowed later in lent, we will be in touch about that.
The photo’s attached to this post are just a few of the moments I enjoyed during the walk to Langham.