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St George’s, Langham

The beautiful thatched chapel of St George’s sits on the quiet country Langham Lane. Services are held here at Christmas, Easter, Pentecost, Harvest and other occasional times. The church is licensed for weddings and holds 50 people. Please enquire at the Church Office if you would like more details.

The chapel was built in 1921 by the Manger family as a war memorial chapel. When Alfred Manger retired to Stock Hill House in 1890 he intended to build a church on his land for Langham and his estate employees.

In the war his youngest son, John, his nephew George, and his son-in-law Robert were all killed. Alfred Manger died himself in 1917 before he could put his plan of building a church into action. His eldest son, Charles, took on the task of building the chapel over his parents’ grave, naming it after St. George, the patron saint of soldiers, in memory of his brother, cousin and brother-in-law. St. George’s Chapel, Langham has been maintained by the Manger family trust and local fundraising.

The chapel trustees in the chapel history state that it was one man’s concept borne out by his family “to give strength and courage in adversity and thanksgiving for the days of peace. May St George’s church live on as a symbol of Christian faith which can look beyond the horrors of war.”