Walkers have been making their way to the first Lent Walk destination, walking to St George’s Langham Lane. Here are some of their comments;

“Had a lovely walk along roads mainly. After stopping at the church for a look we headed past Sue’s house, down Harry Lodges Lane, along a very muddy path to another road… Kinebush Lane, past Thorngrove, Withy Wood and back home completely dry.”

“I was on my Sunday morning run and realised I was passing the church at Langham so went in and found a jam jar. It’s lovely to think of the web of connection between the people who have reached the church on different days and at different times. I walked round the lovely graveyard which was very peaceful (until the rooks started shouting) and enjoyed the early flowers and the signs that spring is on its way.”

“[We] are just back from the walk, which we really enjoyed, … it was lovely to see the snowdrops and primroses along the way.”
See the earlier post for details of the walk. Or be in touch with evepegler@gmail.com